Free Hosting 2024

In 2024 we will provide a free hosting package which aims to help you learn more about hosting, websites, applications and others. We provide free hosting for an unlimited time, but we can suspend your hosting package if you violate the Terms of Service. There are no special requirements to register for a free hosting package at mikyhost because ...

Ramadhan Discount 50% for all Server

Don't Miss the Once a Year Discount for All VPS Packages which can save you money up to 50%. Use promotional codes: RAMADHAN50 applies to : Cheap VPSBasic VPS AMD Premium VPS Intel Premium VPS Cheap VPS Windows Basic Windows VPS AMD Premium Windows VPS Intel Premium Windows VPS Happy saving and enjoy regards,

Disable port 25 on all VPS.

Stopping SPAM is our main priority to combat abuse including email SPAM, therefore we always try to maintain the reputation of the Server IP and we block port 25 on Servers including Cheap VPS, Basic VPS, Premium AMD and Premium Intel.


Cheap VPS Data Center Repair in Ohio and Ireland Location Has Been Done


Cheap VPS Data Center in Ohio dan Ireland Location has been fixed and now you can select Ohio dan Ireland Location when purchasing Cheap VPS.